Been little do not mean to be unfashionable

Amz wants to unite the classiest patterns with more modern cloths. We work with the best quality fabrics from Paris, London and Japan.

AMZ magic stories, fashion that makes you fall in love

Ane Miren Zalbidegoitia founded amz in 2015. The initials have a double meaning. On one hand, they are the initials of Ane’s name and, on the other hand, they are the acronym for the phrase: ASKO MAITE ZAITUT, I love you so much in basque.

Ane Miren worked for a big enterprise on the launch of their baby clothes line. Her designs achieved such success, that she was given the courage she needed to create her own brand.

She launched her first collection during the summer of 2016, and the second one in the summer of 2017. The collections were a total hit.

Made in Bilbao

We want to produce locally, and oversee every single detail of the process. We love what we do and we would like to transmit that through our designs. We have gorgeous designs for the little ones’ with quality that is second to none.